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About us

Shenzhen Sourcing Agents Company has 10 years of rich experience and good reputation in this field, covers a wide range of businesses and products, especially when you need to lauch a new product on Amazon, we can offer many suggestions and very familiar to operate Amazon process. Also for silicone materials and PVC materials we have built our own factories, can help our customers to save much cost. Please freely to contact us ! Our advantages will make you easy to start your business and save much time for you. 

Product Sourcing:

Email us when you need to lauch a new product on Amazon, we will reply you in a short time.

Price Negotiation:

We will use our strength to negotiate with the manufacturers and get the most competitive price for your products, base on our rich experience in China Markets is better to ask a lowest price to start the business.

We strictly follow up your orders, to control the product's quality and the production time.

Guidance about Chinese factories and markets, will provide the further understanding for you to export the goods from China.

Product Assembling:

We have regular workers to assemble and pack the product in the packaging, if you need a complete product kits to sell on Amazon

We have warehouse to stock your goods if necessary. it will be Free for 2 months.

Shipping Arrangement:
All exporting procedures such as container loading,customs declaration,shipping and so on will arranged by us.

After-sales Services
If you have questions after receiving goods,we are sincere to handle for you.




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